Contactless donations made easy

Purple Pot helps businesses raise more money for their chosen charity using “tap & pay” contactless technology to make workplace giving more convenient for the donator


Businesses have a responsibility to give back to society, and many companies now have a ‘Charity of the year’ or a CSR programme in place to support various charities across the year, via planned fundraising initiatives and events to help raise as much as possible for their chosen charities.

Purple Pot help businesses to maximise their CSR endeavours by facilitating cashless donations, be it at an event or within office communal areas for spontaneous donations.


Charities need donations to survive and thrive, and now more than ever it is essential they ‘tap’ into the growing digitisation of payment, and those that fail to do so risk being left behind in what is an increasingly cashless society.

Purple Pot help charities by providing both strategic advice and guidance on best practice for taking contactless payments, and leveraging more effective fundraising support from their corporate partners. We can also help match charities to businesses who may be looking to support a particular cause.

About the Pots

Slick and simple to use, our pots are ideal for client or fundraising events, office receptions, cafes or fundraisers as well as charity led initiatves.

Features include:

  • Your charity’s own branding and messaging
  • Set various amounts from £1 to £45
  • Enable donors to increase the donation amount
  • Collect donations without having to connect to a separate mobile phone, app or Wi-Fi network
  • Collect donations even if there is no mobile signal

Why Choose Us

Purple Pot launched in 2019 and are already partnering with some large organisiations, who have signed up to Purple Pot and automatically super charged their CSR strategy, raising more funds for their chosen charities as a result.        We also have a number of charities registered to receive contactless donations through Purple Pot, funds they may never have received otherwise! Here are some of our partners that are already reaping the benefits of a Purple Pot…

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Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it….hear from our partners on their experience with Purple Pot.

Let's Work Together and change lives!

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