Welcome to Purple Pot…

Purple Pot helps businesses raise more money for their chosen charity using “tap & pay” contactless technology to make workplace giving more convenient for the donator.  

Purple Pot have had to work a bit differently due to the lockdown. Social distancing measures mean people can’t get to our pots. We saw people needed a new way to give that kept to the guidelines. Although there are no “physical” meetings happening now, plenty are happening online, with people happy to share information about their favourite charity. This gave us the idea for The Giving Room, where we support donations through links and QR codes.

You’ll find us here: https://thegivingroom.org/

We place distinctive, fully-certified, state-of-the-art contactless payment units into companies and offices like yours. Our pots make it easy for you to raise quick and spontaneous donations for a charity supported by your business or your staff.

Our Pots can also be used at fundraising events to show customers, clients and employees how much you care, encouraging further donations and maximising your corporate social responsibility efforts.   

If you would be interested in hosting one of our Purple Pot contactless payment units then please fill out our enquiry form below and one of the team will be in touch soon to discuss more.   

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