The Benefits of Contactless Payments

Tap’n’pay transactions are becoming more frequent, with cashless consumers prioritising convenience. This has led to many industries adapting their approach to the digitalisation of money, ensuring they have taken all of the necessary steps to facilitate the 21st-century consumer. However, some of the more traditional fields are struggling to keep up with ever-advancing technologies and this inability to embrace innovation can prove to be detrimental, particularly in relation to raising money. We’ve taken a look at just five of the many benefits of facilitating contactless payments, with a particular focus on fundraising and charity. 

Digital Convenience

Our contactless payment units take various methods of payment, including contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay, providing an option for the majority of consumers. Upon donating to the cause, there’s no faffing about with counting money, change and/or takings, as the pots are able to create reports to let you know exactly how much you have raised on any given day. This digital advantage allows you to focus on more of the things that matter, including raising as much money as possible for your chosen charity.


Less cash involved in fundraising efforts will minimise the opportunity for theft and fraudulent activities, protecting both the charity and those that are donating. The ability to take contactless payments means that you do not need to store any payment details. With various cash-related scams making the rounds, today’s consumers are more inclined than ever to opt for plastic payments. 

Wallet with cash

Raise More

The individual giving element of charity relies upon the spontaneous generosity of the general public, but it’s difficult to encourage donations without providing the means for them to do so. The physical barrier of not carrying enough cash is one of the only things stopping people from donating more. As soon as you provide people with the opportunity to donate as much as they so wish, the amount that is raised is likely to increase tenfold. What’s more, Purple Pots can be programmed to accept three separate amounts, accommodating for every type of donator.

Show You Care

Proudly displaying a Purple Pot in your place of work or at events proves to customers, clients and employees that you care about the world around you and that you are motivated to make a difference. Support the existing fundraising activities of your employees, whether they’re running a marathon or ‘braving the shave’ and offer to match the total amount they have been able to raise or provide a Purple Pot to encourage more workplace giving.  Most companies will have a charity or charities of the year of which they will raise money for, and a Purple Pot will supercharge your CSR activity to raise even more for the causes that matter to your workforce. 

Charity Collection

If you’re busy preparing for your next fundraising challenge or event and would like the support of your employer, why not suggest a Purple Pot? We would love to provide more information and ultimately work towards a shared goal of raising as much as possible for charity through our convenient contactless payment devices. Alternatively, if you feel like this might be a good opportunity to extend the CSR at your workplace, why not spread the word with those who can make a difference? We’d love to set up a call with the CSR team at your office and can answer any questions they may have, before organising the delivery of your pot. Fill out our request-a-pot form, and we’ll be in touch! 

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