Whether it’s tapping your card or phone to get on the tube or using your smart watch to purchase your favourite meal deal, as a nation, we are becoming increasingly reliant on contactless technology. It’s difficult to imagine a world before tap and pay. Like it or not, the future is contactless and we’re gradually moving towards the complete digitalisation of payment.

Exciting and time-saving, most will embrace this quick and convenient method of payment, but industries that fail to keep up with these technological developments risk falling behind simply due their inability to accept transactions. How can those working in CSR departments for corporates easily assist their company and staff in raising money for their chosen charity or good cause, without providing the means to do so? Well, The rise of contactless “tap and donate” devices being distributed to workplaces and events like yours has helped corporates to raise as much money as possible for the cause, encouraging more generosity in the workplace.

Here at Purple Pot, our mission is to raise even more money for charities and causes that are supported by companies, both in the workplace environment and at corporate events. Many businesses now encourage their workforce to nominate charities to support, or adopt a ‘charity of the year’ initiative, and are organising various fundraising events and activities to raise as much money for the cause as possible.

Purple Pot can facilitate these efforts, enabling staff/visitors/clients to easily donate at any opportunity. Just recently, Purple Pot has encountered great success at both corporate and internal fundraising events as well as summer soirees, not only taking spontaneous donations but also facilitating the sales of raffle tickets, entering competitions and purchasing merchandise. We want to increase generosity in the workplace and beyond, and really help our partners to raise as much money as possible for their chosen charities.

Our state-of-the-art, wireless payment devices have 8 hours of power without being connected to a charger and do not require WiFi to receive donations. They can be set to display three donation choices to accommodate different payments or just one set amount depending on the use. They accept all major credit/debit cards, smartphones and other smart technology with the ability to make contactless payments.

The donations flow through the regulated bank, with Visa and Mastercard settlement schemes direct to the account of your nominated charity. This is all set up with a recognised payment provider in the world of charity known as QixPay Ltd. Our business model avoids costs to the charity, and instead focuses on the support of workplaces and corporates, helping them to drive their charitable giving and CSR efforts.

We are currently operating a summer launch period; qualifying businesses will receive one device for free for their event or to position within the workplace. From 1 September, 2019, Purple Pot will charge corporates, businesses and workplaces (Pot holders) £49 + VAT per month per unit they borrow.

If the Purple Pot takes over £1000 in donations in any calendar month, our pot holders will benefit from a heavily reduced monthly fee of just £4.90 in the third month following the £1000 target reach. This low rental fee will continue for as long as they raise at least £1000 each month. Check out our T&Cs for more information.

So how can you incorporate a Purple Pot in to your fundraising strategy? Simply contact us to let us know you’re interested, stating your charity of choice and we’ll be in touch to arrange for one of our Purple Pots to be delivered to your workplace. Follow us on TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn for fundraising ideas and inspiration for how you can use the Purple Pot to make even more money for your chosen charity.

If you have any further questions, or would like to talk to someone about whether or not a Purple Pot is right for you, please say hello to our Partnership Manager Kate Maples on kate@purplepot.io and she will be more than happy to assist you further. In the meantime, check out our informative video below, featuring Purple Pot founder Martin Loat!