Businesses all over the UK and beyond understand the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the current climate. There are numerous benefits to incorporating CSR as a key component business model, but most importantly, it’s the single greatest way of showing clients, partners, employees and customers that you care about the world around you. Many modern workplaces nominate a Charity of the Year, with some of the larger organisations nominating several charities to support over the following 12 months. Here at Purple Pot, our mission is to encourage more effective workplace giving and facilitate cashless donations by providing contactless payment devices for corporates and workspaces to use daily or out at events. With this in mind, we have created a ‘Top 5’ of what we believe to be the most effective events to raise money within the workplace, so you can bring some fresh fundraising ideas to your next meeting and get these in the calendar before the end of the year! 

Bake-Off/Bake Sale 

We all like to think of ourselves as the next Delia Smith, but which of your workmates has all the ingredients for success? Whether a seasoned chef hoping to impress or an absolute beginner who specialises in frozen ready meals, an office bake-off encourages everyone to get involved – and it can get competitive! Whether you follow the TV programme model with weekly rounds, charging for entry and selling the delicious delicacies that are created or you opt for a one-off event, with multiple awards up for grabs and other office fund-raising activities such as ‘guess the weight of the cake’. There are so many ways to raise money for your chosen cause, all the while tantalising the taste buds of your colleagues. 

Office bake sale treats

Dress Down Day 

A popular option for larger workplaces, particularly during the summer months, dress down day allows people a break from their daily work attire to pursue comfort, style or even fancy dress. Companies can set a donation of their choosing in order to allow employees to participate, with all proceeds going to the charity or charities of the year. For workplaces of > 500 people, this is a quick, easy way of raising four figures without exhausting internal resource. 

Girl in casual attire

Give Up Something Together 

We all have bad habits, and many of us will have the same bad habits as one another, making it even more difficult to change your ways when you try. Encourage healthier lifestyles within the office by vowing to give something up together and inspire your colleagues to donate money to the cause in support of your endeavours. Be it smoking or drinking alcohol, or even a lifestyle change like attempting a meat-free diet, there’s various ways this can help companies to look after themselves as well as raise money for others in need. Sometimes, offices will choose to spend the money they would have otherwise spent on said bad habit on charity, and workplaces can support individuals to encourage this kind of workplace giving. 

Declining a cigarette

Declutter Your Wardrobe…and Your Mind 

It’s all too easy to get attached to ‘stuff’, which makes it difficult to throw away, but most will be happy to part with the treasured items they no longer need if it is going to a new home. Jumble sales allow you to sell some of the brilliant bits and bobs you have collected over the years that might be cluttering up your home (and potentially your mind). If not for Feng Shui, clear out for a good cause as many workplaces will provide a location and time during the working day for a jumble sale to be held as long as all proceeds are donated to charity. 

Jumble sale of preloved clothes

Quiz/Comedy/Games/Sports Night 

Events outside of normal working hours are great for team morale and ideal for those who want to get to know their colleagues a little better outside of the office. Activity-based fundraising nights can be great fun for all, be it teaming up for a battle of intellect and general knowledge at a quiz/board games night or survival of the fittest at an office sports day/tournament. Other great ideas include a comedy night where you can sit together and have a good old laugh at the talented acts on stage. Whatever you decide is best for your place of work, fundraising efforts can be supported by raffles, tombola’s and silent auctions, and with the help of a Purple Pot, you’re sure to raise more than ever for your chosen charities!  

Board Games dice

Bonus Tip

Some large companies are matching the financials of their staffs fundraising efforts – why not suggest that at your next CSR meeting?

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring our five favourite fundraising ideas and will perhaps look to incorporate some of these into your own fundraising strategies. At Purple Pot, we provide contactless payment units to corporates and workspaces to facilitate card donations in an increasingly cashless society. Our Purple Pots are designed to encourage more generosity in the workplace and we truly believe we can improve your corporate social responsibility activities by raising even more for charity. If you would like to discuss this further, please fill out our Request a Pot form, and we’ll be in touch with more information.