What’s this all about? 

We’re a contactless charity donation initiative called Purple Pot. 

The purpose is to raise money for chosen charities and good causes that are already supported by companies, offices and workplaces, both corporately and via staff. 

If there’s a charity that your company or staff currently support – or want to start supporting – then a Purple Pot could be the answer. 

You can put the Purple Pots in your reception, canteen or take it to your fundraising events. With less people carrying cash, it’s the perfect solution to help your fundraising efforts. 

How does it work? 

People simply press to choose one of three donation amounts (like £3, £5 and £10) and then tap a payment card or smartphone with Apple or Android Pay to donate. 

The donations don’t go Purple Pot. They flow through the regulated bank and Visa and Mastercard settlement schemes to your nominated charities’ accounts. We’ve set this all up with a recognised payment provider in the charity world called QixPay Ltd. 

The pots are free until the end of summer during our launch period, and any others you may require are available at £49 per month, per workplace.  

How do charities get involved? 

Usually the corporate or workplace “Pot Holder” nominates one chosen charity per Purple Pot device deployed. We have an ever-increasing group of charities already “on boarded” into our system. However, we can sign up and on-board new charities if required and this is even easier if the supporting business involves the charity. 

What does it cost charities? 

There is no cost to the charities, because – unlike other contactless providers for charities – we don’t charge them a penny: our model is finding and supporting corporates and workplaces to help them boost their charitable giving and CSR. 

A modest 3% is deducted to cover transaction and hardware costs. 

How do we get a Purple Pot? 

Simply fill out the Request a Pot form and someone will be in touch to get more information about the company or staff you’re representing and the charity that you want to raise money for. 

Can we brand it for our chosen charity? 

There is space on the Purple Pot perspex display board for the name of the sponsoring office or company and the charity that you are supporting. We also provide an A5 pop-up stand and flyers to promote your Purple Pot. 

Do we need to raise a certain amount of money via the Purple Pot? 

From 1 September 2019 , Purple Pot will charge the partner company or workplace  (the “Pot holder”) £49 + VAT per month per unit they borrow.

The minimum commitment is three months (so a minimum financial commitment of £147 + VAT ) with a rolling one month’s notice in writing thereafter.

We will usually invoice the partner before the start of each month.

Invoices must be paid by direct debit on the 1st of each month (or nearest business day)

Companies fill out a DD form that PP issues to them using Go Cardless platform.

If a pot holder reaches £1000 donated on its PP in any calendar month, they will be rewarded with a very low month’s rental of £25 in the two months AFTER the month in which they achieve the £1000 in donations. This will continue for as long as they can keep donations at £1,000 or above, per month.

 A £200+ VAT returnable deposit must be paid before the Purple Pot hardware can be supplied to any partner.

Is it safe? 

Contactless is the safest way to give. All our contactless units (indeed, any such units) comply with the PCI and EMV rules. Each one must be configured to pay money through only to one nominated “Merchant ID” (MID). This will be the chosen charity you are supporting. 

Unlike with cash, any donated money cannot be diverted and there’s no chance of petty theft or fraud. Each transaction is encrypted by a “credit gateway” on the spot, so we capture no personal data and your card details are kept safe. 

How does the charity get the money? 

All donations flow from donor to charity through a fully-certified payment scheme organised by our payment provider QixPay Ltd and their Acquiring Bank partners Allied Irish Bank (AIB) and Elavon.  

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