Canary Wharf Winter Lights

Canary wharf Arts & Events had four Purple Pots collecting for Breast Cancer Now at its annual Winter Lights Festival in Canary Wharf, January 2020.

Project summary

They required an ‘outdoor’ solution to allow
the contactless devices to be in prominent positions along the lit up bra tree walk, as well as inside the bar area, to try and capture as many ‘tap & pay’ donations as possible during the 10 day event.

Proven Results

The devices enabled them to raise over £3,000 for Breast Cancer Now, allowing the charity to purchase a thermal cycler, vital new technology enabling scientists to study the DNA of cells and give critical insight into the causes of breast cancer to help develop new, improved treatments for the disease in the future. A fantastic result all round!

for Breast Cancer Now

“The feedback we have had for the Purple Pots has been absolutely fantastic. They’re so easy to use and have undoubtedly allowed us to take more donations through the use of contactless technology. The service provided has also been extremely straightforward and we would happily recommend working with Purple Pot.”
Richard Martin

Social Investment Manager, NATIONWIDE

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