Ts & Cs

  1. Purple Pot (PP) is a operated by Purple Pot Ltd (a company registered in England & Wales – no. 10099571)
  2. PP will supply, lease or rent fully-certified and PCI-accredited contactless
    payment units (CPUs) to selected and approved participating companies,
    organisations, workplaces and establishments (“Pot Holders”).
  3. Such CPUs will be used only for the purpose of collecting donations for a
    registered charity or other designated beneficiary (the Beneficiary) as
    agreed with the Pot Holders and PP.
  4. The CPUs remain the responsibility of PP and at no time become the
    property of either the Pot Holders or the Beneficiaries.
  5. Donations collected on the CPUs will be processed in favour of the
    Beneficiary through a fully-compliant procedure that meets Mastercard
    and Visa card scheme (EMV), Payment Cards Industry (PCI) and acquiring
    bank rules.
  6. This payment process and merchant facilities is arranged for PP by
    QixPay Ltd, a specialist payment services provider which arranges for the
    CPUs to be configured with the Beneficiary’s bank details ( inc. the
    Merchant identity number or MID) as is required by the acquiring banks
  7. The Beneficiary is responsible under the regulations for its PCI compliant
    status with the Acquirer and to obtain a MID to enable the Acquirer to
    process payments on behalf of the Beneficiary
  8. PP and QixPay Ltd will assist with this (point 7) but they are not and
    cannot be held responsible for the Beneficiary’s relationship with the
  9. Neither PP, QixPay Ltd or its affiliated companies have any direct call or
    position in the donations flowing through the CPUs via a gateway to the
    acquiring bank/s and settled into the Beneficiaries’ bank account/s.
  10. PP has no liability or responsibility for the level or volume of donations
    collected by any of its CPUs, nor the speed of settlement.
  11. Settlement of funds into the beneficiary’s bank account will usually take
    3-7 working days, dependant on payment partner route.
  12. There is no cost or fee charged directly to the beneficiary for
    benefiting from donations collected by a PP CPU at any given Pot Holder. A small deduction from every donation made on a CPU provided by PP will be made to cover bank settlement fees, card transaction fees, merchant arrangement costs and contribute to the costs of hardware supply.
  13. This deduction currently is equivalent to 3-5%.
  14. There is a commercial arrangement in place between the Acquirer banks
    involved and Qix Pay Ltd and between Qix Pay Ltd and PP.
  15. For each CPU physically placed in the Pot Holder’s environment, the Pot Holders and Beneficiary agree that PP may place suitable and agreed branding and signage on our near the CPUs to publicise that they are PP
    CPUs and to make clear the involvement of the Pot Holder and Beneficiary.
  16. For each CPU physically deployment in a Pot Holder’s environment, there will be a start date and an agreement for the prospective length of the
    deployment. This could be days or months.
  17. At any time PP, the Pot Holder or the Beneficiary can terminate a deployment giving 7 (seven) days’ notice of said termination
  18. This can be done quicker (usually at 48 hours’ notice) in the event of
    non-compliance to these T&Cs by any of the parties involved.
  19. From 1 September 2019 , Purple Pot will charge the partner company or workplace  (the “Pot holder”) £49 + VAT per month per unit they borrow.
  20. The minimum commitment is three months (so a minimum financial commitment of £147 + VAT ) with a rolling one month’s notice in writing thereafter.
  21. We will usually invoice the partner before the start of each month.
  22. Invoices must be paid by direct debit on the 1st of each month (or nearest business day)
  23. Companies fill out a DD form that PP issues to them using Go Cardless platform.
  24.  A £200+ VAT returnable deposit must be paid before the Purple Pot hardware can be supplied to any partner.
  25. In the event of query or issues please email info@purplepot.io