How it Works

Purple Pot can help both charities and businesses alike to raise as much as possible for a fantastic cause. We support corporate social responsibility activities by providing a convenient way of receiving donations, helping to raise even more for chosen charities. 

For Charities

It is essential that charities and non-profit organisations ‘tap’ into the growing digitalisation of payment, and those that fail to do so risk being left behind in what is an increasingly cashless society. Our contactless payment units help organisations within the third sector to utilise new technologies and consumer behaviour to secure even more funds are raised through their corporate partners. Some of the benefits for charities include: 

  • Unlock a new money stream through  charitable giving  in the workplace.   
  • Greater awareness and engagement with business and bosses’ CSR plans  
  • Get on board with new “pay-tech” – sets you up for the future  
  • No sign-up fee 

Those working in partnerships for charities can suggest these state-of-the-art contactless units to corporate partners to help them to raise even more for your charity. Alternatively, charities can apply for Purple Pots for internal fundraising activities, deploying devices at events and fundraisers to maximise results.  

For Businesses

Businesses have a responsibility to give back to society, and most reputable companies will implement various fundraising activities to raise as much as possible for their chosen charities. We help businesses to increase their CSR endeavours by facilitating cashless donations, be it at an event or within office communal areas for spontaneous donations. Some of the benefits for businesses include: 

  • Become a “Pot Holder” to make the most of your summer events (pots are free until September 2019 whilst stock lasts!)   
  •  Exceed your  fundraising  targets and create visibility  
  •  Encourage your  staff to  support their charity of choice.  
  •  Be seen to encourage generosity and fundraising  at work  among your staff, visitors and guests  
  •  Show your fintech credentials by displaying our attractive units (each one customised  with your company and charity branding)  

Do you work in CSR or would you like to suggest a Purple Pot to the powers that be at the company you work for? Workplaces that accommodate contactless donations are likely to see significant improvements in the amount they can raise for charity, helping organisations to meet and exceed CSR targets.  

Transform your company’s fundraising strategy and complete our ‘Request-a-Pot’ form today to get started!  

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